Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Basketball Goals by Lifetime

Perhaps you have heard the name, or maybe even purchased one of their basketball goals, the fact is that Lifetime basketball goals have been around a while now. They have been popular but are they any good? Do they last through the years? Do they stand up to changing weather conditions? Are they made of quality materials?

In a quest to find some of these answers I will fall back on something just most people don't have when it comes to basketball goals, installation experience. I have installed thousands of basketball systems and can tell you just about anything you could ever want to know about any of them. I can tell you that I have installed hundreds of Lifetime basketball goals and there are some things to consider.

In the beginning, Lifetime basketball goals were made in the United States, in Utah I think. They had this one system that had an over sized pole and it was galvanized. That was the best basketball goal that they have ever made. It was strong and very stable given it was a three piece pole with a rather small backboard. Never the less, it was a good system for the price.

But what happened? The quality of their basketball hoops has gone down in my opinion, to a level that warrants investigation. I think that most of the goals are made in China, though they could have parts from different places. My main concern is with the quality of the steel used in their basketball goals.

The steel that they use is too thin. This allows the poles to shake and vibrate in an unacceptable manner in my opinion. A more substantial gauge would be in order here. I can understand the need to save a little money, but this is not were it should be done. If you think about it, basketball goals should be sturdy and have a great rebound. Well rebound is directly related to mass. That is if something is massive and heavy, it will provide a lot of resistance and thus a lot of rebound. Simple physics.

So stay tuned while we continue to look at Lifetime basketball goals and others in an in-depth way that will tell you how to choose a basketball goal.

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