Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Basketball Goal "Dead Spots"

Being that it is close to Halloween, I thought that it might be a great time to talk about the dead. Not the dead as in people, but the dead as it relates to spots on a basketball goal backboard. You see there are "dead spots" on many of the basketball goals that are manufactured today. But what is a "dead spot"?

When talking about a "dead spot" regarding a basketball goal backboard, you are referring to a spot on the backboard that when hit by the ball produces little or not rebound. That is to say that when a basketball hits that spot on the backboard, it does not bounce off it just drops to the ground. But what would cause such a thing?

There are several reasons. The first is backboard material and thickness. Rebound is a result of a ball hitting a stationary object. The heavier the object and the more ridged, the better the rebound. Thickness is part of that equation. Thicker materials usually provide better rebound. The exception to that would be metal. Metal backboards do not have to be thick to be heavy. But acrylic and glass are another story.

With glass and acrylic, the thicker the better. The best basketball goal systems have backboards that are 1/2" thick. Acrylic should be cast and glass should be tempered. The thicker the backboard, the heavier it is and the more mass that it has. More mass equals better rebound!

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