Monday, October 26, 2009

Basketball goal Rims

When the time comes to buy a basketball goal, one thing that comes up more often than not are questions about the rim. The rim is the portion of the basketball goal that the ball must go through in order to score points. On most basketball goals the rim is painted orange. This is for viability as much as it is for tradition.

All basketball rims are made of steel. There are single rims, double rims and even triple rims. The number of rims is determined by the desired strength and the overall rigidity. The more rims the stronger. Rims are basically steel hoops. Multi rims have more than one hoop welded to the other. Typically rims with more than one hoop welded to one another are used in situations where vandalism is a problem, like prisons, school yards and city parks. There do not really cost much more money due to the fact that they are simple to make. More often than not these rims are "static" basketball goal rims, meaning they do not move up and or down if someone hangs on them. Flex rims are a different story.

Flex rims come in two styles, front flex only and 360 flex rims. Front flex rims only go down in a forward angle when someone hangs on the rim. The tension or amount of "give" depends on how tight you make the adjustable rim springs. However on a 360 flex rim the rim goes down to the front and to each side depending on which part of the rim the player is hanging on. These are popular in the NBA and in some collages, they are very expensive! The typical home basketball goal will have a standard flex rim. That should prove to be more than enough for any player using your family basketball goal.

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