Friday, October 30, 2009

Basketball Goal Nets

A basketball goal net is a net is a net... but that might not be true. There are many different types of basketball goal nets and varying qualities as well.

Many times the type of net that you choose for your basketball goal will be determined by the use that it is going to get. For example the amount of use that a basketball goal would get in someones driveway would most likely be less that of a goal in a city park. And there are applications were vandalism is an issue, some nets address that better than others.

First off in the plain Jane, run of the mill white nylon net. These are the nets that are shipping with almost every basketball goal. However it is worth noting that the thickness of the cord used is often an indication of quality. The thicker the cord, the heavier the net, the longer it will last.

Next we have basketball goal nets that are made from steel chain. These are actually nets that have been formed by creatively joining lengths of chain. These nets are often used in situations were there will be a lot of abuse and use. These nets are typically zinc coated to prevent rust and will indeed last for years.

And last but not least is the Permanet. This basketball goal net is made from aircraft cable covered in vinyl. This net will never rust and is very durable. This net is often used in prisons, schools and city parks were b=nets tend to take a real beating!

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