Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Basketball Goal Games

We all know the names, horse, pig, and many others, but how do these basketball goal games work? Let's go through one and see it we can't clear things up.

Let's start by going through the game, how it is played and how it is a winner is determined. The game of "horse" is probably the most popular driveway basketball goal game. There are two or more players involved. Free throws are usually shot to determine who goes first. The person to go the longest without missing a free throw goes first. The first person takes a shot at the basketball goal from anywhere on the court. If that player makes the shot, then everyone else must shoot from that spot on the court. If the player makes the shot, they are OK, but if the player misses the basketball goal, they are given a letter. With each miss a letter is added. First and "h", then an "o" and so on. The person who reaches the fully spelled word looses, or they are out of the game. The game would continue until there is only one player left. That person is the winner. Any word can be used for the game, the longer the word the longer the game will most likely be.

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